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Available puppies
Updated September 2021

Thank you for inquiring about our Spinone puppies. Mountain Valley has recently had a litter.  If you're looking for a puppy in the future, we're always more than happy to keep your name.

  If we don't have puppies we will refer you to another reputable breeder. Please feel free to fill out the puppy application form.
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 MVS averages one or two litters per year and we often whelp litters for other breeders. If we do not have a pup available for you we are in contact with other Spinone breeders who are whelping litters.
    This is a dedicated full time way of life with a mission to provide the highest quality pet care services.  We strive to treat our clients and their pets with the highest level of care. Mountain Valley is a place where intimacy, trustworthiness and honest communication help us to maintain a lasting relationships with our clients.


  We warrant our puppies: Free from any debilitating, life threatening, hereditary diseases or conditions for the first year of life. We have done all that is humanly possible to breed dogs of good health.

   We do not breed dogs with a history of Cerebellar Ataxia. Dogs chosen to be bred or dog's sire and dam have DNA markers indicating it is clear of Cerebellar Ataxia. AHT research has indicated that the test is 95-98% accurate. CLEAR dogs have 2 copies of the normal gene and will neither develop Cerebellar Ataxia, nor pass a Cerebellar Ataxia gene to their offspring. This DNA test detects markers close to the gene responsible for CA.

   We do not breed dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia, or any other debilitating condition or terminal illness. 
   Eyes on the sire and dam are CERF approved.
   A pup developing any of the a fore mentioned conditions or diseases can be returned and will be replaced, free of charge, with a pup from another litter, or monies refunded (not including any shipping charges or veterinarian cost) The pup must be returned to seller with current shot record and AKC papers. A letter from two veterinarians with the findings must be mailed or faxed to Mountain Valley Spinone's Veterinarian. If the pup is returned for reasons of improper training such as gun shyness, obedience problems, blinking birds, or any pups that have been improperly trained will not be replaced nor monies refunded. If the buyer/owner finds that they cannot keep their Mountain Valley Spinone pup/dog, the pup/dog must be returned to Mountain Valley Spinone at the expense of the buyer/owner or some other plan of relocation made with the expressed approval of Mountain Valley Spinone.

    If for any reason you can not keep your pup or older dog they are always taken back with no questions asked.

   Mountain Valley Spinone has many requests for their dogs and chances are there will be someone near you that would be willing to take a started dog or older pup. We also are in contact with Spinone Rescue that has many people on their list who would re home the pup/dog. We find it important to keep track of where our dogs are placed and try and do whatever possible to keep the dogs from any harmful or shelter situation. For this same reason we ask you to notify us of any change of your address.
   It is not mandatory but requested; every so often please send us pictures and updates. We enjoy watching the pups grow and seeing their progress.
   Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.
The sale price for this pup includes the following:
1. Puppy's 1st vaccinations & de worming
2. Microchip
3. AKC litter registration where applicable
4.Tails docked

Thank you for your confidence in Mountain Valley Spinone

For more information you can write to: